Speak Easy Speech Services SLP P.C. dba World Class Speech Services was founded in July 2002. It is a certified Minority/Women Business Enterprise for NY state and NY city. The president and owner of the company is Dawn Cotter-Jenkins. World Class Speech Services is a multifaceted company that provides professional solutions to improve speech and communication personal and technology needs for individuals and organizations.

1.     How much time has been wasted in miscommunication that creates disgruntled workers or customers? Losing good people and revenue, or adding expenses to readvertise to refill the position or find new customers.

2.    How much better can the people in your organization work with fewer bottlenecks in interpersonal communication? Intervening in disputes and calling in HR to mediate.

3.    What has it cost your company in wasted workflow hours to go to meeting after meeting to make decisions and strategize? What should have been done in three meetings, ends up taking six.

Speech and communication in the workplace can directly and indirectly affect the productivity and success of your company. If your employees are interacting with customers or clients, it is important for them to carry the company messages in a clear and direct manner. If they are relaying information to each other, instructions and follow-up need to be effective and direct. Employees may come from a diverse range of departments and need to both listen and speak for maximum effectiveness and timeliness, minimizing going back and forth for clarification. Leaders, employees, and clients benefit from improved communication. Whether it’s for sharing information, sales, or leadership, ongoing skills development is often needed. 

Communication challenges in many workplaces can be in:

·       Speech clarity

·       Message content

·       Listening skills

·       Interpersonal communication styles

Avoiding these challenges can save time and increase productivity and outcomes. When coworkers know how to improve their speech, voice, and communication they can express their needs and share information much more efficiently. Learning techniques and strategies for better communication, as an individual or team, can improve confidence and build collaboration. Doing so cuts down on miscommunications, allows for better feedback and follow-up, and saves time in workflow.

What makes World Class Speech Services different?

World Class Speech Services is able to address a variety of goals in all of these areas due to specialized training and decades of experience. The founder and president, Dawn Cotter-Jenkins, has been teaching and training adults since 2003 in different colleges and organizations on workplace communication, voice and diction, accent modification, and public speaking, to name a few courses.

She has worked as a:

·       TEDx Speaker Coach

·       Certified speaker, trainer and coach in the John Maxwell Leadership Program

·       University/college adjunct professor

·       Licensed and certified speech-language pathologist (SLP)

Dawn Cotter-Jenkins, of World Class Speech Services, has expanded her scope of work to include Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEI&A) strategies in CSD and telepractice training and development over the past 5 years.

·       Headed the development of the NY State Licensing Board Telepractice Guidelines

·       Created a curriculum for an elective course and an internship at Adelphi University

·       Certificate of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace from University of South Florida 

From entry positions to the C-Suite, as a speaker, instructor, coach, trainer and consultant I work with many facets of the workforce. Not only do I bring in proven and innovative methods, I create curriculum to directly address your companies needs. Using a needs assessment, pre-training questionnaires, and interviews, World Class Speech Services will determine priority goals and hone the program goals to your company’s specific high priority needs.  

Trained on the practical application skills and qualities of speech as an SLP, I address voice, pragmatics, speech, vocabulary, and other direct speaking skills. As a trainer, I help develop foundational skills with new or inexperienced employees. As a coach, I take busy executives and visionary leaders from good to great. As a consultant, I analyze and provide strategic guidance with ongoing feedback to address systemic and organizational needs.

World Class Speech Services is a multi-specialty company. Our unique qualifications, as compared to other speech and communication coaches, are our deep and extensive layers of professional certifications and licenses in speech-language-communication assessment and intervention. Additional trainings as a speaker-trainer-coach with the John Maxwell Leadership Program, being a TEDx speaker coach, and certification and practice in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion makes me highly qualified to recognize, listen and address your needs. To learn more, contact me today to discuss your unique goals.