Welcome to Behind the Screen of Telepractice Technology

My mission is to empower speech and hearing professionals to no longer be intimidated by telepractice technology and connect with more clients with a sustainable evidence-based strategy, now and into the future. Learn from my high level of knowledge, expertise, and experience.

As a busy detail-oriented professional you have attended one day webinars and conferences which have either left you wanting more or left you confused with HOW to implement a telepractice program in an evidence-based and sustainable manner. You want to build on what you have learned but don't know WHO to ask your questions. You implemented what you learned but need to be guided in WHAT'S NEXT. I am here for you!

My course will address these areas and give you the confidence to face every online client with the right tools and increase your personal and client satisfaction levels.

In five live one hour sessions you will learn:

·      Technology in Clinical Practice

·      Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Technology

·      Legal and Security Considerations for Preparation

·      Evaluating the technology that you need

·      Equipment


With your participation and input, there's so much more to come as you interactively learn through this course!!!

Sign up for this introductory price of $775.

+ Get access to the BONUS material on Technology in Clinical Practice and Telepractice in Audiology.

++ Upon completion of the course, you will be invited to take advantage of a free one-to-one 30 minute private consultation to get a deeper dive into your questions and needs about technology in telepractice.

Getting Started

We all have to start from somewhere. The basics of a desktop computer, a phone, a printer and, a scanner were how it started for me.

A few upgrades

A better desk and a plug and play camera were an easy upgrade. A fax machine was necessary for some documents to be sent with more security.

Double monitors

Adding double monitors for the student clinicians was an extra level of convenience. Additionally, microphones, standing document camera plus green mat were set up.